DeVry University

DeVry University is one of the largest degree-granting higher education systems in North America.

DeVry University provides high-quality, career-oriented associate, bachelor's and master's degree programs in technology, business, science and the arts.

Founded in 1931, the university offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs onsite and online covering 34 different career fields within its five distinguished colleges of study: Business & Management, Engineering & Information Sciences, Health Sciences, Liberal Arts & Sciences, and Media Arts & Technology.

DeVry University's Keller Graduate School of Management

Keller Graduate School of Management is one of the largest graduate management schools in the U.S. Keller began more than 40 years ago with a vision, a business plan, and two founders who had the persistence and the passion to form a mission-driven educational enterprise. Keller Graduate School of Management was founded as the CBA Institute in July 1973 in Chicago, by Dennis Keller and Ron Taylor. In 1987, Keller Graduate School of Management acquired DeVry Institute of Technology from the Bell and Howell Education Group; later merging in 2002 as DeVry University.

In the years since the University was formed, Keller Graduate School of Management has continued to evolve in response to the changing needs of a diverse population of graduate business students. Whether onsite or online, Keller is on target - helping students transform their skills and power their careers forward in an ever-changing global economy.


The mission of DeVry University is to foster student learning through high-quality, career-oriented education integrating technology, science, business and the arts. The university delivers practitioner-oriented undergraduate and graduate programs onsite and online to meet the needs of a diverse and geographically dispersed student population.

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