Carlos Filgueiras

Group President, Technology and Business, DeVry Education Group

Carlos (Degas) Filgueiras was appointed Group President, Technology and Business in 2016, with responsibility for overseeing DeVry Education of Brazil.

Filgueiras co-founded one of the first colleges that made up DeVry Education of Brazil in 2000, and in 2004 assumed his position as President and CEO. In this role, he managed DeVry Education of Brazilís growth from 2,500 students to nearly 11,700 students in 2009, when the institution was acquired by DeVry Education Group. Filgueiras continued as President, helping to grow enrollment to 115,000 students across 17 institutions in the most important cities in the country for business and growth.

Before joining DeVry Group, Filgueiras was a co-founder and Director of InterCouriers and eventually helped facilitate the merger of InterCouriers with four other companies, forming ebX Express Brasil, the largest private parcel delivery company in the country.

In addition to serving on the Board of Directors for DeVry Education of Brazil, Filgueiras is also an advisor of SiM Clinic in Fortaleza, Eleva Educação and Cultura Inglesa - Rio de Janeiro. In 2016, Filgueiras was elected by Forbes Magazine as one of the best CEOs in Brazil.

Filgueiras holds a masterís in business from Stanford University, a bachelorís degree in civil engineering from the University of São Paulo and a bachelorís degree in business administration and management from Fundação Getúlio Vargas.